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DuckDB: Getting started for Beginners

DuckDB is an in-process OLAP DBMS written in C++ blah blah blah, too complicated. Let’s start simple, shall we? DuckDB is the SQLite for Analytics. It has no dependencies, is extremely easy to set up, and is optimized to perform

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airflow taskflow api

Airflow Taskflow API: The Guide

Airflow Taskflow is a new way of writing DAGs at ease. As you will see, you need to write fewer lines than before to obtain the same DAG. That helps to make DAGs easier to build, read, and maintain. The

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Dynamic Task Mapping in Apache Airflow

Dynamic Task Mapping is a new feature of Apache Airflow 2.3 that puts your DAGs to a new level. Now, you can create tasks dynamically without knowing in advance how many tasks you need. This feature is for you if

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